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Custom module templates and lang files

Learn how to override module template files and work with language files in CMSMS 


Engaging your users with CGSocialBlaster and CMSMS

You worked hard to make your web app powerful and useful.  You gathered a following, now take advantage of that in your CMSMS App.


Web Push Notifications are here

You can now subscribe to notifications from


Adopting a Template - Part 2 - Template Inheritance

In this installment we will describe converting the page template to use smarty template inheritance, and begin making or homepage dynamic.


Adopting a Template

A brief story about this website.   Getting started with theming.


New Website

Welcome to a much needed complete rebuild of my portfolio website


I am now on Patreon!

Now it's even easier to support your favorite developer and favorite content management system.   And there are real rewards for doing it. 


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Where I am from

About Me

After working for a long time in Calgary, I am happy to be living once again in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.  I love the wildlife and scenery, my family and the great small town community here.

I enjoy hiking, fishing, socializing with my friends around a fire.   I tinker at home repairs and renovations, car repair, and there's always an interesting computer project or two on the go.

Why to choose me

I have over twenty years of professional software development experience in many different fields and technologies.   I am continually learning and adapting my existing skills into solving new problems with new technology.   My experience and continual learning ensures that no problem is too large.  A little bit of research and a bit of effort can solve most problems.

Here is My Vision

The world is like a big rolling wave.  We can either surf the top of it, or roll around inside of it.   I prefer to surf on top and enjoy the cool breeze.


what i do


I create solutions for business problems.   Written in PHP, javascript and other technologies and focussing upon CMS Made Simple as our application foundation, we create easy to use and powerful web-based solutions.

Server Administration

I will install, configure and maintain your linux cloud based servers.  Keeping them speedy, secure and working for you!

Support & troubleshooting

Things happen, technology changes and problems pop up here and there.   I can help you solve those issues in your PHP or javascript app.  and get your applications working again quickly.

we will build great things together

I am available for freelance projects.

Contact me!


Here is a summary of some of my recent projects

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