Engaging your users with CGSocialBlaster and CMSMS

You worked hard to make your web app powerful and useful.  You gathered a following, now take advantage of that in your CMSMS App.

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Whether you are a web-app owner, or a web-app developer traffic is a primary key to success.   Each and every method you can use to get people to use your web application, (i.e: visit your website) is critical.  It is important not to leave one single user out.   As well, if you can keep your existing users or customers coming back to your web app frequently, then you retain customers and more easily gain new customers.

Some great tools are available for your CMS Made Simple based web application to make it easier to gather contacts, and to engage them.  Some of these are:

  • SelfRegistration and FrontEndUsers
  • These modules allow users to register to your application and login.   You can provide any measure of custom functionality to logged in users,  and you can engage the users in any manner of ways.
  • CGTweet
    This add-on module has two primary functionalities.   a:  It allows you to display your twitter feed on your application pages.    and b: it allows sending tweets and status messages directly from your CMSMS admin console.
  • CGWebPush
    Yet another way to gather and engage app users is via push notifications.  This module allows your app users to subscribe their devices to push notifications that you can send from within the admin console.   Another great way of engaging users.
  • CGSocialBlaster
    This is the module we will talk about primarily in this document.  It is a tool that allows you to easily engage your users and customers on multiple platforms from one location inside your CMSMS admin console.   With this module, you can send the same message easily and simultaneously to your registered users, to your subscribed web-push users, to your twitter account, and to your facebook page.
  • CGFBPost
    This module can post your message from CGSocialBlaster directly to your facebook wall.
  • CGNotifier
    Among other functions, this module allows sending a message created in CGSocialBlaster to your registered users via email.  


CGSocialBlaster is an add-on module for CMSMS to allow engaging your contacts via many media platforms from one location.    As of today, utilizing other transport modules that can be installed, A single message can be sent as a twitter update, a Facebook wall post, via web push directly to user devices, and via email to your registered users,  or any combination thereof.

Sending a "blast" It is a simple two-step process.   The first step is to create a simple message.  


As you can see in the image above, creating a blast begins with specifying a message.  Additionally, you can specify a subject, a URL link, and a picture that should be used in the blast message.   The next step in the process allows you to select which media you would like to blast.

In the above image, i used the primary URL to this website in the link field.  You could just as easily use a blog article URL, or a product URL.  The primary idea with the link is to provide a destination for your users to click upon.

The next step in the process allows you to select which media you would like to use in the blast and to customize the output for each media type.


Here we can see that this web application is configured to send a blast via email, twitter, and via web push.  In a tabbed layout, we can control which transports we will send this blast to, and can customize the output for each transport.


This screen shows us the process of customizing the output for the Twitter platform.   Because Twitter only currently allows up to 140 characters per tweet we may have to get creative without formatting.   Additionally, you can see that there is a URL that is appended to the message and that it has been shortened.   The default format of this message is generated using a smarty template that you have control over.

Aside: The URL shortening ability is provided by yet another CMSMS addon module entitled CGTiny.  It is capable of using multiple different URL shortening services.

Here is an image of the tab allowing customization of the blast for the Web-Push protocol.  You can see that it is somewhat more flexible than Twitter allows at this time.


Now, when the submit button is pressed, the blast will be sent to each of the selected transports.   A new status update will appear on our twitter profile, subscribed users will receive a push notification directly on their devices,  and our registered FrontEndUser group will receive an email.  All from one location.  

Wrapping up:

Hopefully you can see how these tools that are available for CMS Made Simple make gathering contacts, and engaging with them on multiple platforms easy.

Shameless plugs

There is more functionality integrated with other modules to allow automating this process.  For example, CGBlog has the ability to create a custom message for a blog article.   Additionally, it can automatically send a blast whenever a new blog article is published.    These tools greatly simplify the customer engagement process.

There are more possibilities available via custom development to further automate the process or to engage with other media transports.  Feel free to contact calguy1000 if you would like to consider sponsoring some of these possibilities.