Web Push Notifications are here

You can now subscribe to notifications from calguy1000.com

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Push notifications are a great way to engage your users and keep them coming back to your web application or web site.   The CGWebPush module now brings that module to CMS Made Simple.   And... it's here on this website.

I will be using CGWebPush and soon other methods to keep interested CMSMS developers informed of my work, information about my modules, and new stories.

There is a simple link below the "News" header on the main page to allow subscribing or unsubscribing to push notifications.   So please, try it out.   I promise to use them frequently enough to keep you interested, but not too frequently.

If you are interested in learning more about web-push notifications, and how you can utilize them in CMSMS, particularly for automation,  then please, get ahold of me via my contact form.