Seach engine optimization and social network integration is hugely important for all web apps.  This addon module makes that easy with CMSMS.

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Managing meta tags can be a time consuming undertaking for a web developer.  Making sure that all of the meta tags are setup properly, with decent defaults in every view.   This module leverages the power of Smarty, and CMSMS to simplify the process.

CGHeadMaster is a powerful, flexible, and easy addon to CMSMS to make managing meta tags easy.    By default this module understands google, opengraph, microsoft and twitter specific meta tags, and many generic ones.   A simple tag in your page template gets you 90% of the way there.

You can easily override the data for specific meta tags so that you can set titles, descriptions, images and more from within detail views of any module.  Developers can add new meta tags just by overriding an .INI file, and defaults for many variables can be specified in the CMSMS config file, making this module easy to setup, powerful, and flexible.


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